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  • Gangcheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province
    Aishan Industrial Park
    0531-76835555, 0531-76835556

    General situation of tkins

    General situation of tkins

    Shandong Taijin Forging Co., Ltd

    Shandong Takins Forging Co., Ltd. has five companies: Shandong Takins Forging Co., Ltd., Shandong bestay import and export trade Co., Ltd., Shandong Takins Accessories Co., Ltd., Shandong Takins Business Hotel and Greentree Hotel (Laiwu Steel City store).

      Shandong Takins forging (fork) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of forklift forks and accessories in China. The company is located in Aishan Industrial Park, Gangcheng District, Laiwu City, covering an area of 60000 square meters. The company has many years of forklift production experience, advanced production technology, technical equipment and testing equipment. It integrates production, marketing and research. It has two invention patents of forklift fork manufacturing method and forklift practical model patent. It has three production lines of forging and profile forks, with an annual output of 300000 forks and a production capacity of 12000 tons. The rated load of fork is 0.5T to 80t.
      At present, there are more than 15 kinds and more than 300 specifications of standard fork, large tonnage sleeve fork, integral port machine fork, sliding port machine fork, mining fork, fork for fork loader, agricultural fork, through rod fork, stone patent fork, screw rod adjustable fork, hydraulic adjustable fork, folding fork and fork lengthener, etc., with a total of more than 15 kinds and more than 300 specifications. Forklift accessories mainly include side shifter, upender, forklift back, pipe clamp fork, fork sleeve, etc.
      The main equipments are: 3T electro-hydraulic hammer, 3T full hydraulic operating machine, 800KN three-way die forging hydraulic press, 5000kN sizing machine, shot blasting cleaning machine, flame cutting machine, wire cutting machine, heat treatment furnace, etc., and equipped with complete auxiliary facilities.
      The company takes quality as the foundation and regards quality as life. In 2007, it obtained ISO9001 / 2000 "quality management system" certification, and established a continuous and effective quality control, supervision and assurance control system. The production of hook type forks shall be in accordance with GB / t5184-2008 / iso2328:2007 "forklift hook type fork and fork frame installation dimensions" and GB / t5182-2008 / iso2330:2002 "forklift fork technical requirements and test methods".
      The company takes the international advanced level as the goal, uses the spirit of "endless pursuit of excellence", the concept of win-win cooperation, and perfect after-sales service system to serve domestic forklift manufacturers and foreign markets such as Europe, America, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, etc., and strives to build the forklift brand that is most satisfactory to customers at home and abroad.
      Shandong bestay import and export trade Co., Ltd. is responsible for the import and export business of standard forks, special forks and forklift accessories manufactured by Shandong Taijin Forging Co., Ltd.; the company acts as the sales agent of Laiwu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. and Laiwu forging and pressing Co., Ltd.
      Products of Laiwu Iron and Steel Group: < br / > H-beam, I-beam, channel, forklift portal steel for forklift, hot rolled equal angel, hot rolled steel sections for track shoes, deformed bars and anchor rod Bar) hot rolled coll, cold rolled coil, hot rolled plate and hot rolled round bars.
      Products of Laiwu Forging Co., Ltd
      Free forging forgings of less than 50 tons produced by 1600t and 4500t hydraulic press; dn80-dn 1400 / 7000 finished pipe die
      Win win cooperation and create the future together!

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