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  • Gangcheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province
    Aishan Industrial Park
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    corporate culture

    corporate culture

    Factory training: I'm from Takins. I can do a better job today,

    I'm going to contribute to the company. I'm a great employee.

    Enterprise mission: forge high-quality products, cast brand, industry model, return to the society.

    Corporate vision: to build a green ecological, sustainable and healthy development of cultural enterprises.

    Enterprise spirit: integrity, innovation and win-win cooperation.

    Core values: reduce cost, increase efficiency, expand market, create win-win situation and develop together.

    Business philosophy: integrity management, the pursuit of excellence.

    The idea of employment: people are suitable for their posts and positions.

    Safety concept: production safety, safety essence.

    Quality concept: quality is the life of an enterprise.

    Production concept: order is order, efficient and punctual 3720.

    Technology R &amp; D concept: technology into products, improve products, innovative products.


    Don't look for reasons for failure, only for success

    Truth seeking, pragmatic, efficient and hard working

    Service has only a starting point and no end

    Strive to be first-class employees, create first-class products and create first-class enterprises together

    Network memory confidant, the end of the world if adjacent

    Quality is dry, not inspection

    Product quality is no small matter, quality and safety is as great as the sky

    Interpretation of company logo

    Interpretation of company logo

    1. Peugeot

    Taiji diagram of Taoism is selected as the basic type of the logo, and the first letter of the company name is taken as the abbreviation of "Takins".

    2. Connotation

    Take the first of the five mountains, Mount Tai's "Tai" Chinese Pinyin, the first letter of the T / hammer, and put it at the beginning of the sign, and in the middle, for example, the eight trigrams are divided into two parts, the earth divides the East and the west, and the human body divides the left and right, "d" forging accompanies. The forging products are distributed all over the world, and the "J" gold and red color are used to represent the completeness, the pavilion and the success The raw materials of forks are heated to a high level, implying that business is booming. It is really "J" that gold is not afraid of fire refining. "-" Zhiyi forging electro-hydraulic hammer and original forging hammer anvil plane, product production platform, implies starting development platform based on "gold", starting from a high starting point. There are three "6" in the circular pattern formed by "TJS", which means that the company's production and operation are smooth. The upper and lower arcs are linked by the "t / hammer" hammer to form "H", which can generate wealth with amity and win-win cooperation to benefit the global beauty.

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